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I'm a 22 year old aspiring Game Artist. This blog will have some of my sketches, digital work and 3D models. I am available for freelance work.

woensdag 25 november 2009

Sketchbooks #01

The internet is full of inspirational artists. The things that inspire me most are most definitely the sketchbook threads over at conceptart.org. The greatest artists have a sketchbook there, and whether it's a simple doodle or the most detailed piece of art, it can be posted and you can expect advice from other great artists.

That's why I've dedicated this series to all the great sketchbooks of fantastic artists. I've saved a lot of sketchbook bookmarks that have inspired me tremendously, that's why I'm sharing my favorites now.

10 pages, there are some nice studies in there, definitely worth a look!

Some very nice oil studies in there, as well as graphite and digitals.

Zazerzs (link)
If you ever need some motivation to get started with anatomy again, or you just enjoy anatomical studies, then this sketchbook is a great place to start! 2 pages and counting (I think).

Another inspiring thread full of studies.

More will follow!

Daily Link Dump #01

My bookmarks folder is huge, and I mean HUGE. There are over 500 bookmarks in my art bookmark folder and that's why I'm sharing my finds. Consider this a way of organizing them for myself, having a look again at what I have, and sharing them with you guys.

I'll give a short explanation with each link.

Great thread with a lot of nice concept art.

More to come, will be for tomorrow though.


I'll start off with a portrait I did recently. I quite like the end result.

It was done in charcoal on A3 sized paper.


Hi guys, thanks for reading!

This blog will be like my personal artistic diary, it'll help me keep track of my thoughts and will be a place to store my interesting finds. On here I'll post my art as well as things I came across on the web, drawing videos, artist portfolios, art related pictures, ...

I hope you get something out of this!